Collective Phenomenon multiplicity
plurality 101

For now, at least, we really aren't planning on including a lot of personal information on this page. Depending on how things go, we might put some preliminary details up later on.

The simple truth is that we don't want to include any information that might allow anyone to identify us in 'real life'. Why would we want to be found? The current social and psychological climate is hostile and skeptical towards multiples in general, even those who refuse the MPD/DID model; popular consensus is that we're making it all up for attention. This isn't a 'personal' page in the sense that it's about our own system-- for the time being, it's about information and education for those unfamiliar with the concept of empowered multiplicity.

Okay, quick rundown: we're a university student, female body, early 20s, major in the physical sciences. Our main goals are a) get a graduate degree and become a research scientist, and b) work for the social acceptance of plurality, until the day when we can 'come out' to friends and colleagues and not be looked upon badly for it. We probably have a lot of the same interests and concerns as you. We don't have any super psychic powers, and we still have to pay taxes and clean out dustballs from under the bed.