Collective Phenomenon multiplicity
plurality 101


are you doing this?

There are a lot of reasons why we finally created our own webpage on plurality, after vowing for months and months that we would not make one.

Because "Dissociative Identity Disorder" is still listed in the DSM-IV.

Because people still call an individual who behaves in seemingly erratic ways "schizophrenic" or "MPD."

Because there is no model for healthy plurality in our society-- just the dysfunctional, pathological one.

Because people don't realize that you can be multiple without being Sybil, Eve, or Dr. Jekyll.

Because too many multiples living functional, productive lives are still in the closet, forced to lie to friends and family.

Because many multiples don't realize they're not necessarily broken, and that multiplicity might be a better way of functioning for them than singlethood, because they have only been exposed to the pathological model.

Because people who are multiple or median have so few places to turn to, and often end up being given horrific "advice" like this when they try to turn to someone for help on understanding exactly what's going on inside their heads.

Because the idea of multiplicity being a natural variant of the human mind, not a "splitting" or a reaction to trauma, is still one that most people have never heard of; this needs to change.

Because there are other communities exploring and celebrating variants of plurality, and we want to ally with them and explore and celebrate our connections.

Because multiplicity is seen in many psychological communities as a silly, flash-in-the-pan fad diagnosis, something ridiculous like flying saucers and Bigfoot.

Because being plural is simply the way we live; we go to school, we have friends, we joke, we laugh, we get along amongst ourselves just like a family. We do not stand out in crowds, we are not incapable of fending by ourselves, we are not based around trauma. We simply find the best explanation of what's going on inside our head to be "more than one."

The buzzword of the new millenium is "diversity." Ethnic diversity, religious diversity, linguistic diversity, diversity of lifestyles. How can we expect society at large to embrace the notion of diversity if people will not entertain the possibility of containing more than one self or mindset within themselves, to come to terms with the notion that there is no one great truth which shall solve the world's every ill? Multiples do not need integration. Our society needs more differentiation, more diversification of mind, more practice in thinking and living other identities.

Because we want to embrace it, celebrate it, and bring it out of the therapists' offices and away from all the silly tales of psychic ability and mystical connections, and let it dance in the sun and fields and streets of the city and run with the people and sing and play music and enjoy what you enjoy and be what you are. To be your mother, your sibling, your cousin, your uncle, your classmate, the nice lady next door who waters her flowers and always waves to you in the yard. Maybe it is you.

We admit to having two purposes in making this page. The first is to shake up people's perceptions of what Multiple Personality is or should be. The second is to provide information and help not only for other systems, but to families, friends and significant others of systems, and for those who think they might possibly be part of one.