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What Is Multiplicity?

When we started Collective Phenomenon last year, we intended it to be somewhat of a direct counterpoint to the many 'informational' pages on the Internet which focus solely on the psychoanalytic view of multiplicity as a disorder caused by childhood trauma. As a result, the "Myths about Multiplicity" and FAQ pages got finished before anything else, and the other pages got short shrift by comparison. However, over time our view has changed, and our focus these days is on educating people about empowered multiplicity, not on changing the views of people who are bound and determined to see it as a disorder or as an iatrogenic (therapy-induced) condition.

So welcome to our site! Please feel at home and free to look around; we hope you'll want to stay a while and learn about the experience of empowered multiplicity. You won't find any spoilers, splats or trigger warnings on this site, if you're used to sites which use that sort of thing. If you have a friend, family member or significant other who is plural, we hope this site can help you to understand them better. If you are multiple, we hope this site can help you in understanding yourselves. If you're just here because you want to know more, feel free to contact us for more information if you wish. This is about functional multiplicity in the real world-- neither a disorder nor a gift, not a crippling disability or something granting us abilities beyond 'normal' people, neither exotic nor dangerous, not a single person broken into pieces, not an illness and not something that makes us special: just many people in one body, no more and no less.